February 04, 2010

Coasting @ the Beach

 Locals here always say "the coast" as our locale and we go walk on the beach. I've noticed visitors say "we are at the beach" meaning the locale. You can overhear their cell phone conversations in the stores...
Such a wet-dove colored early February day here on the Oregon coast. Tender warm riffs with little sniffs of spring are sprinkled thru the ocean breeze. It is so temperate here and always ever-green, but the fresher green of newest growth makes my eyes happy.

It is not uncommon for roses to bud and bloom by or even before Mother's Day if the rose is in a protected nook. My last house had such a rose and I never saw such early blooms. Massive fragrant deep red blooms that purpled when fading. I still had blosoms in October. Now I live less than half a block close to the actual beach and it is more exposed. There is a small rose bush on the south side of the house and it certainly has gotten very strong storm winds these past 2 months.
I've been looking at the bare-root roses in front of the store and thinking I should plant at least one. I have to still observe the layout more to decide. But (!) I have already decided that I will plant at least one rosebush wherever I live from now on. I have left sooo many plants and landscaping behind over the years ... Now I am basically down to some larger older houseplants and a bunch of starts rooting in jars.
UPDATE: I can't find the rose bush I thought I saw in December anywhere ! I must of imagined it. All the more reason to plant a new one.
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