November 01, 2009

I Can't Hardly Believe It

Woohoo wow OMG... Finally Finally done moving out of the house we have lived in for the last 9 years. It is a big house and we filled it up. I do mean FILLED it. I never want to do that to my children and myself again, ever ever. My kids are so sore from all the work, they are such Good  Troopers.
You can't believe how much recycling loads and Goodwill loads and dump loads we hauled away. I thought I was keeping up with that, but so much lurked in corners and garage. I still need to massively edit but will have to do when I unpack. We were in such a hugh time crunch that things ended up going into boxes into storage unit anyway.
The realtor guy said it was the cleanest he'd ever seen a house left. My motto of always leaving my camp cleaner than when I found it really ruled that effort. We cleaned until our fingers bled. And out by midnight on Halloween. What a trip. So glad to start a new chapter. Sometimes you just have to up and get the hell out and move on. Pain in the ass or not. Guess the universe saw fit to kick my butt to the curb... hA. I laugh today but yesterday I could only cry from exhaustion.  
 I have everything in storage and am floating till I find a place. I was so busy packing and cleaning I had not even a minute to look properly. So I will start doing that tomorrow.
I am at my youngest daughter's house crashing in the spare bedroom and the boys are at their Dad's. I will go get them tomorrow and go out to eat or something. It is certainly liberating to be free from house worry for a few days, but we need to get into our next house before it rains. After all, now we have to move in reverse...but I'll worry about that later.
The moon is spectacular tonight and the sunset over the ocean was ultra beautiful. Hope to walk the beach tomorrow now that I have some time.
I am using a laptop to write this post and feel naked being mouseless. I keep grabbing my cell phone lying here thinking it is the mouse. Too silly.

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