February 18, 2012

Mechanical Unicorn

I think the internet is like a mechanical unicorn that you can ride to faraway places. Mechanical. Gears and levers and wires. Unicorn. Imbued with magical essence that virtually escapes description. It is it's own reality. But, man made. Yes, what an inspired creation. Can be very troublesome at times.


February 11, 2012

Like A Child

Like a child I just sat in the sunlight
and played with the minutes as they went running by.
Like a child who had never known sorrow
I didn't hurry I just looked at the sky.
While the clouds went on endlessly passing.
All the clouds on their long voyage home
seemed to say that youth is everlasting
but a rose cannot grow alone.
Like a child I would listen in silence
to the soft sound of evening as it caught up the day,
till you were there in the gathering darkness
and we found that our green years had all gone away.
Now the clouds are going forever
here awhile then gone evermore
and a child on the far side of never
has to run when time closes the door.
Then take my hand and as children we'll go now
all alone through the thundering crowds.
Take my hand and together we'll look now
like a child for the little lost clouds.
from "Listen to the Warm" ©1967
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