October 03, 2013

The Joy of Manifesting Good Things

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Blog:  hey it is so much fun to be turning 4 today! 
I love birthdays.
Me:  you are such a pretty little thing I really enjoy
every minute I have known you.
Blog:  did you make me a cake?
Me:  well you know I don’t eat grain any more but
we’ll have a super pot of pumpkin baked with some
pure maple syrup, cinnamon spice and coconut milk.
October really does offer up
so many delicious offerings. 
Would you like candles on that?
Blog:  oh yes please! Small brightnesses at the turning of the year,
mine and the seasons of Earth, candles remind me of hope and love.
I know you love astrology, does this make me a
Me:  why yes little blog dearest, I never realized 
that before,
consciously anyway. Many of the most wonderful 
people I know are Libras. 
I think of beautiful and lovely things around you
and tend to try and balance my Sagittarian 
feisty opinions.
And I know you like to look your best - I promise 
we will
try and do a little spiffing up very soon. I am so happy 
you have many
friends to play with in the blogosphere and some come and visit you often.
Blog:  I am so happy to be here, life is so exciting. 
So many wonders and
blessings. I will try not to be afraid to look at everything,
good and not so much,
and to say what is in my heart. 
Thank you for your Birthday wishes  - lets be friends forever!


Sea Angels said...

Happy Happy Birthday beautiful blog tra la la tra la
Love Lynn xxxx

Vickie said...

thank you angel of the sea! your blog is one of my favorites and inspires me with each visit. come visit often!

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