November 24, 2010

Boil in Sweet Milk

"If a cracked dish is boiled for 45 minutes in sweet milk, the crack will be so welded together that it will hardly be visible, and will be so strong it will stand the same usage as before."
I love making my list for Thanksgiving shopping. Checking off each item as I wield my shopping cart through the crowded isles. It really is a warrior's meal with the great effort involved. Women (and men) train for years to be successful Thanksgiving cooks. Housecleaning is big too because to make room for all your guests requires much moving arounds of things. I think I may like that part least. Usually things get put in weird places and are difficult to find again. Especially the things on my dining table which has many functions (it is the biggest flat surface available after all!).
May we all have confidence and joy as we prepare the feast and give our thanks for all our blessings. And mark another notch on our accomplishment belts.

November 23, 2010

Centaur Wind

Lovely my lovely time of year. Sagittarius blew into town last night like a wild gypsy lover. Fresh feral air like spring in reverse ~ tasting of winter and laughing . Nippy and dangerous.
o wild nights of metallic bite and running to nowhere like there is no tomorrow.. 

picture of Tony Ward

I love how the word nowhere has the word NOW in it. Ultimate of "Be Here Now".

November 15, 2010

Death of the Self

Like discarded pages                        
from the book
of autumn, the leaves
come tumbling down
in red and umber,
each a poem
or story
an unread letter.
Think of the fires
in ancient Alexandria,
the voluminous smoke
of parchment burning.
Open your arms
to the dying colors,
to the fragile
of November.
Deep in the heart
of buried acorns,
nothing is lost.
by Linda Pastan
  Well, it has been a week. Someone has dissed me out of nowhere and it hurts. Twice. I say I won't let it bother me but it does and creeps up into my thoughts. I much prefer people to be upfront and talk about things. At this point I don't know what is the problem. I now want to withdraw or rant, yet I know there is no answer to be found in that path. The person is someone who I cannot afford to have issues with since we work together. I will wait awhile and see what happens.
  This is the second time this year that this has happened. The first was a dear friend ( a friendshipI always thought was unshakable ) who just took a turn in the other direction. I know I will not please everyone but have had a crush to my ego/tender heart. Just when I thought all was well! I hope to learn from this because if not the pain is not worth anything.
UPDATE; I bucked up and just called the person involved They said they had planned on contacting me to apologize for their behavior. Also that they should of called me 1st, but were glad that I had reached out to try to set things straight. Evidently they were 'having a bad day'. Don't take it out on me next time please! Apology accepted but now I fear I may be a bit wary with them in the future as this was not the 1st time this has happened. I will be force feeding them chocolate next time I told them. Really. Mischief managed.

November 12, 2010

Of Remembering

Is it a new country
In another world of reality
Than Day's?
Or did I live there
Before Day was?
I awoke
To an ordinary morning with gray light
Reflected from the street,
But still remembered
The dark-blue night
Above the tree line,
The open moor in the moonlight,
The crest in the shadow.
Remembered other dreams
Of the same mountain country:     
Twice I stood on its summits,
I stayed by its remotest lake,
And followed the river
Towards its source.
The seasons have changed
And the light
And the weather
And the hour.
But it is the same land.
And I begin to know the map
And to get my bearings.    
by Dag Hammarskjold
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