November 24, 2010

Boil in Sweet Milk

"If a cracked dish is boiled for 45 minutes in sweet milk, the crack will be so welded together that it will hardly be visible, and will be so strong it will stand the same usage as before."
I love making my list for Thanksgiving shopping. Checking off each item as I wield my shopping cart through the crowded isles. It really is a warrior's meal with the great effort involved. Women (and men) train for years to be successful Thanksgiving cooks. Housecleaning is big too because to make room for all your guests requires much moving arounds of things. I think I may like that part least. Usually things get put in weird places and are difficult to find again. Especially the things on my dining table which has many functions (it is the biggest flat surface available after all!).
May we all have confidence and joy as we prepare the feast and give our thanks for all our blessings. And mark another notch on our accomplishment belts.

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