November 22, 2013

He Was Our Hero

TIME magazine

He was our hero. He is still the President of our
country’s collective idealism. A man for all seasons.
I was in first grade when he was killed. We lived in France
and had no television so my Father was planted
in front of the radio. My sister and I were not to
make any noise as he and Mother listened intently.
The memory of those critical days remains vivid. I am never
 to forget - nor would I want to. 
(The radio still has a mythic
significance to me as I tend to experience historic events
without television – like 9/11. It was two days before
I saw images of the Towers going down…)
Strangely enough, November 22 is anniversary to the
only time I have been legally married. We looked askew at the
interesting numbers 11 and 22 and did not want to wait too long,
plus I liked Sagittarius Sun for the union of me, Sag, and he, Aries.
(Well that is another story for another day.)
I am pleased that the media's coverage and citizen discussion of JFK’s
life and times is very saturated this year. We need to not
forget him and his influence on our national psyche. R.I.P.

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