July 10, 2013

Morning Glory

ten thousand years I have been sleeping
   and now I am being wakened.
my heavy eyelashes are the woods;
they are beckoning
my heart the clouds are surprised
   because they are calling me, calling me...

Masika Szlagyi from the Holy Book of Women's Mysteries 
© 1986 Budapest


Sea Angels said...

How very beautiful, the poem feels to me like a call to the collective of womanhood to wake from the mundane, to reach into their authentic selves waiting to be awoke.
Your comment was amazing, I love the idea of hand sewn dresses, I love that commitment, so intense so sure.
I am so pleased to meet you xxxx
Lynn xxx

Vickie said...

thank you Lynn, so good to hear from you! sometimes I imagine what a life 10,000 years ago would of been like, what sort of awareness and thoughts and feelings I would have. are we more or less cognizant today, more or less aware of the beauty and depth of earth's sublime reality? maybe now some are just waking their sleepy eyes and looking around at how lovely and ephemeral this all is... don't delay, like Fantasia in the Never Ending Story, this world, this incredible world, is changing and slipping away like a beautiful dream...

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