April 30, 2011


   I thought the British Royal Wedding was brilliant and very touching. I enjoyed every minute of the televised coverage. I stayed up all night since it began at 1am on the west coast. My 16 year old son stayed up for most of it with me. Well, he didn't really pay attention for all of it but listened to me point out the highlights. He appreciated the pomp and grandeur and cultural reference. He is very gentlemanly and I hope he will be a romantic too.
  A lovely loving bride and happy loving groom and a beautiful historical event done up proper. A revelation. My hat off to you United Kingdom, well done. (And I always do cry at weddings..) Best wishes to William and Kate. Sincerly. And love to cheeky Prince Harry!

April 28, 2011


                           Listening silence in the glass
                           The listening rain against.
                           All in the silent house asleep,
                           The rain and the glass awake;
                           All night they listen for a noise
                           No one is there to make.

                           All in the silent house asleep,
                           The rain and the glass awake;
                           Listening silence in the glass
                           The listening rain against.
                           All night they listen for a noise
                           Their silence cannot break.
                                                                     poem by Robert Nye
                                                                    from DARKER ENDS

April 17, 2011

Getting It All Down

   I've happily had my nose buried in the book The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I almost got rid of this book unread 3 times. It was in a box in the back of my car ready to donate. The other day I had about 25 minutes of sitting in the car so grabbed the book out of the box and sat to read. Wow, I was immediately drawn in and lost in the pages. I love how the characters are scholarly and spend lots of time in libraries and traveling around Europe. The book concerns Dracula's involvement in their lives in an deeply historic but realistic way.
   At my local library there was a class offered about writing your biography in an hour. Well, with facebook, twitter, blogs, videos, digital cameras, and every call and transaction tracked, the trail this generation will leave will be huge. The scholars of the future will be glutted with vast amounts of info, virtual and else wise for everyone. No more tracking down a musty volume in a quiet library for bits and pieces of information, searching for clues to unravel the mysteries of the individual. No small glimpses of a face in an old photograph, eyes peering out of a dim past. It will all be kaboom in loud color and reams and reams of words and images. Our leavings for posterity will be unlike any other in history. The ability to live lightly and remain ephemeral are very slim. Hardcopy, harddrive, hardware.
   I wish I had taken that class. Thinking about it now, it seems almost impossible to write of your life in an hour. I imagine the emotions or snapshots of childhood memory, little bundles of events that stand out, stitched quickly into a narrative that may reveal much.

April 15, 2011

Yo, Bodhisattva

Sutra 17
twinkie stardust


April 09, 2011

Blending Into Light


"Birds do not cling for long. Earth is but half way for them, midway between the ancient waters of their genesis and the heavenly winds of a brief lifetime. They are messengers between here and there, binding humus and heaven, at home in both places. I need the sight of their flight. Birds penetrate the sky's depth, drawing invisible patterns, articulating the emptiness. They fly my eyes into winds and clouds and the crowns of the high cottonwoods. I scan the patterns they weave, chasing them into invisibility."
Meinrad Craighead
from "The Litany of the Great River"
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