December 06, 2010

French Riviera

We were on vacation from our home in Fountainebleau. We drove all the way to Monaco, Nice and Marseille, going over the mountains and thru towns along the coastline. We crossed over into Italy for some shopping.
My sister and I loved the beach like it was our natural element. My bathing suit had orange polka dots on white and dark bottoms, I don't remember if that was black or brown. I do remember that I loved it! I always had love afffairs with my swimsuits when I was little, never wanting to take them off. My Mom took us out into the deeper water to rinse off the sand and saltiness from the sea that had collected in our suits and was starting to rub our tender skin.
Our beloved French babysitter Odette came along with us. She was about 16 and I think every square inch of her tiny bedroom was covered with posters of film stars. She got so very sunburned laying on the sunny beach! My Mom poured canned condensed milk over her sunburn to take the heat out she said. My Mom still swears by this remedy!


Trishia said...

Bonjour, Vickie,
I dropped in to say "merci beaucoup" for visiting my blog:)
I thought my family was the only ones crazy enough to use the condensed milk for sunburn!ha!

Vickie said...

wow Trishia - Glad to know someone else does that!

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