October 22, 2009

Into the Void

The boys and I have been busting it out trying to get all our things into a storage unit. The rented house we have lived in for the last 9 years has been foreclosed and is now owned by the bank. They don't want any renters in here, so we are out. It will be on the market. The guy who lost is the 2nd owner we have gone thru. This guy was nuts to buy the house at the height of the market when prices were insane. The handwriting was on the wall, I thought everyone must see it ! The banks new price of the house is going to be 100,000's less than when he bought in 2007. We are caught in the crossfire. At least we aren't losing it all and can walk away.
We are better off than 99 percent of all the people who have lived on earth before us it is said, and for that I am grateful. We have loved living here and the boys have pretty much grown up here. I must say my book collection had a nice quiet nest to grow in and now we are moving many many heavy boxes.... The boys have been so so very good about it. They are getting a good workout. I hope they still love books after this !
So hope we find a lovely home to move into, no leads yet. We have to be out October 30th. Much work to do. Alleve and arnica gel are our friends.

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