June 21, 2010

Hail to the Queen of the Turning Earth

 O never harm the dreaming world,
 the world of green, the world of leaves,
 but let its million palms unfold
 the adoration of the trees.
 It is a love in darkness wrought
 obedient to the unseen sun,
 longer than memory, a thought
 deeper than the graves of time.
 The turning spindles of the cells
 weave a slow forest over space,
 the dance of love, creation,
 out of time moves not a leaf,
 and out of summer, not a shade.

by Kathleen Raine

A happiest summer wish to all. The sun has not been strong this spring on the Oregon coast. But today it may gather strength and bestow us with much needed golden rays. The loving lingering rains have greened everything beyond even the normal brilliance. Now we need the contrast of drier and dappled shadows filtering thru and dancing. Hail to Summer, the golden Queen of the turning Earth, dispelling darkness and doubt, rising heated blood and warm memories. Hail to the Queen of flowers enveloped in bee buzz and drifting clouds of tiny flying buglets. May your golden eyes light up the waves dashing the shore in translucent glows of blue and green and cream. So glad to see your bold and beautiful form after damp and misty corners dreary. I smile in welcome !

1 comment:

Trishia said...

Vickie, Is this your collage of the woman with the vegetation growing on her chest? Great design!!

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