January 21, 2011

Dancing on the Edge

Oh my, you would not believe how often I have barely made it thru prediciments. Escaped with all intact and lived to tell the tale. Danced on the edge of ruin. Teetered on the edge of the cliff. Looked into the maw of the maelstrom. Sometimes the save was made by my fellow man, sometimes blind luck, sometimes by angels and sometimes by timing or awareness. Not that I have ever deliberately done something stupid (really?). More like I've almost gone over that edge, almost been cut by the double edged sword, almost fallen into the pit. Things like not having enough money for rent or breaking down in the middle of nowhere or driving thru a canyon 1 hour before the flood or getting rid of a crazy hitchhiker who almost burned the house down when I was in childbirth labor or having to drive a pickup truck over a slippery muddy narrow tract by a raging river or sidestepping a rattlesnake in the dusty road or getting lost in Mexico City when I was 15. I thank my lucky stars everyday, I thank you Jesus, I thank you angels, I thank you samaritans and rogue saviors who have appeared out of nowhere. I thank you neighbor and friend and family and windfalls and I even thank the government. You have all saved my you know what at one time or other !
protection I pray continue unabated

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