August 13, 2011

Nowhere Girl Please Listen

My hundreth post finds me being a gypsy princess and a wandering Nowhere Girl. Living on the road my friend, gonna keep you free and clean. Yes, it is true, I haven't a home to call my own since the end of June. Luckily the weather has been more than wonderful for my coastal existence. I call the beach my room, "I am going to my room..." I spend hours at the beach every day. I have a car which sets me apart from the wandering on foot variety of roofless. I have all my belongings in storage until the day comes that I can afford to rent a place. My fabulous teenage sons are staying at their father's which is in the same vicinity so that is okay for awhile. We hang out and text and talk many times each day. Friends have let me crash on their couches, in their small trailers, etc. and I shower wherever I can. This is not for the faint of heart my friends. I have slept in my car also which is an art seldom given it's due. I miss my computer, wish I had a laptop. I also go to a town inland 60miles away where my 2 beautiful daughters and grandchildren live and stay there for a few days here and there but don't want to be far from my sons. All the while pretending nothing out of the ordinary has occured in the course of my daily interactions with other people in my 'professional' realm. I don't want to be a problem or worry. I have fallen thru the cracks but will sprout like a strong resilient weed. I am okay and only occasionally give into a strange and cleansing despair, and I try to actually enjoy the unconventional freedoms and insights homelessness offers.......... The rains and cold will come before long and we shall see how this wildish Sagittarian gal fends then.

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