March 11, 2012

Tsunami Sunday

All I can think about is the event of the tsunami one year ago...
Life changed forever that day - for myself and countless others. On the other side of the Pacific ring of fire, the Oregon coast is no different in our risk for such natural occurrence. I lived in and love Japan and its people fiercely and my heart breaks still at video and story. Strangely enough, late in 2011 we moved to a very at risk tsunami zone in our town. Where before we were uphill a bit, we now are at water level, next to a tidal creek that will be a natural conduit of flooding inland. Every time I walk the beach I observe escape routes and run-lines to possible safety. How long would it take to run across the sand over driftwood and dunes to hill? Will the hill/cliffs even withstand earthquake? Will the kids all be safe and get to higher ground? What would I grab if I had to evacuate? Last year when the sirens went off I just took the boys and my cell phone, not even grabbing my handbag. Am I truly not attached to the material objects around me? If not, then why is so much of my time invested in care and attention to them?
Later this year and next year we will be expecting the debris to begin washing up to Oregon beaches from Japan. It takes awhile to cross the ocean via the currents. I hope to be able to document some of this.
Today I will pray and send love and express gratitude. These thoughts are never far back in my mind. I watch and listen.

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