February 08, 2013

Aero Plain

Trebuchet. Lovely word (out of context) and font. Spell check wants to change it to Bucharest. 
Nips of frost lingered This Morning in the far corners of the back yard, under the BlackBerries and ElderBerries where the Hummingbirds have been overwintering. I love the birds and will keep the briars thick and growing for them where I can. People really tend to cut down and prune everything back so fiercely and thus destroy the nooks and sweet cupolas small creatures favor. Let the tangle remain and florish, the threads of life there are abundant and calm. Creatures need a place they can sit and relax and let the sun warm them, not be on high alert for a breathe of a moment. 
The black-tailed deer that roam our coastal town find haven in the backyard also. There is a HOLLOW under the old trees thick with Moss and fallen leaves they like to lie down in and snooze for a hour or so. They are such fine animals. I wish for them a good dear life and some degree of safety. PLEASE drive carefully and watch for them crossing the road.
The air is breaking away from the winter and breezing toward spring on the Oregon Coast. February is quite a treasure and often surprising with warmth and sun. Many think it is only rain here, but that is really not the case. Ahh, life is sweet when the air is fresh, when the sun sparkles on the blue or grey sea. Life is sweet when the birds use your longitude for small migrations, visiting and sampling the gifts nature provides for nourishment if left alone and not trimmed away for the burn pile.
What is scarier than all heck is that this small eden could be destroyed in the blink of an EYE if owners of neighboring land decide to build or rearrange or develop. protect preserve love the land protect preserve love the land protect preserve love the land
...This being said, I hope all are weathering the cold and snow in the East safe and warm. 

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