April 05, 2012

Chagall, My Heart

I love this video of an exhibition in Madrid of Chagall. It makes such an impact when you see how large some of the canvases are and the colors so alive and brush work up close (virtually..) Literally made my eyes joyfull and my heart beat stronger. I must visit a city soon and go museum hopping. There are small galleries near me and I should visit them more often. Many are predominately seascapes. My eyes long for the drenched and bold and intense of saturation. I have grateful eyefulls of the oceanic everyday. So incredible but maybe it is the heat of color I long for. In this cooler climate the blues, greys, driftwood, agate, sand, shell, tree and seagull, moist and fogged are the norm. I will try to dip my Easter eggs deep with color this weekend and blaze some vibrant hues into my environment. Easter is my favorite holiday of all.  

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The Creative Beast said...

Hello! I hope you enjoyed a lovely Easter since it is your favorite holiday. Thanks for your comment on my blog - books are really wonderful and I certainly have been 'friending' my local library a lot in the last year =-)

BTW: I love your thoughts on the mechanical unicorn and the idea of going to faraway places...but I have to agree it can be troublesome at times and a bit of a black hole of Time! =-\

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