May 05, 2012

Campfire Kindle

  I leapt and got a new Kindle Fire on the Amazon daily deal the other day. The boys and I were needing another browse-able watchable screen gizmo toy. It really is fun to have and I am glad I bought it. I'm addicted to games of mahjong (and bejewelled) and spent many hours Friday playing mahjong, watching free movies and netflix. I am reading the last book that came out in the game of thrones by George RR Martin, A Dance With Dragons, and now I can read on the kindle and return the overdue library book (over a 1,000 pages..) The best thing about the Kindle is it doesn't ring - like a phone. I have not done the angry birds yet or friends w/ words but I am sure the bandwagon will have me aboard in no time.
  The beach has been good lately with some nice weather. The agates are scarcer now due to the deeper layer of gravely sand. It all depends on how the tides have laid the sand/gravel layer with each passing tide or weather related event. No storms, lower tides = built up sandy gravel. The higher waves in the winter really scour the beach and expose the "agate beds". I have found so many fistfulls this past few months and jars of seaglass. Every day is different and you never know what you will find.
  I have found a good basketful of Japanese items recently - lighters, markers, bottles, bottlecaps, giant light bulbs, flotsam and jetsom. Walking the tide line and kicking around the smaller driftwood is usually where that stuff is. I almost always haul out a bag of debris consisting of plastic and bits of styrafoam and things. There have been lima bean sized balls of white wax (paraffin?) laying around that I can't figure out. I pick them up to dispose of also because I don't want the tide to carry them back out into the ocean and get eaten by the marine life. We have a year-round tribe of about 200 seals that live at "my" beach. They frolic and lord knows what else. They don't need to eat wax! Or plastic.
  I am looking for a RV. We are going to become a mobile unit. It will be a few months but I am tired of paying rent and having nothing to show for it. I also do not like to be at the mercy of neighbors and their loudness and smoking and door-banging and landlords and their blankeyblank. The last 3 of the last 4 houses I have rented we had to move because of landlords selling or some such. I guess I don't feel secure and worry we may have to move and have no where to go again. An RV or other mobile unit would solve that.
  My landlord lets people smoke right outside and it comes right up in our windows. It is supposed to non-smoking but there are big piles of cigarette butts and noisy people standing around smoking. It sucks, yes it does. And the neighbors right next to us moved and god please let quiet non-smokers move in. It is very tramatic to have no control over basic peace of mind and proximity to others. I spent the last summer till late fall as you readers know being home-less (un-homed) and mostly sleeping in my car. Well that sometimes doesn't seem so bad when there are 8+ people yucking it up and throwing butts around within 8 feet of your window.  The big problem will be to get something the boys and I can live in that will fit us for low money. I want to be able to move it at will. I just need some cash and a good deal! I can put the houeshold back into a storage unit. Unless I can find a house to rent reasonable. But then again I feel a distinct urge and compulsion to be mobile and very flexible. I know I will never be able to own a home at this rate and have a garden for keeps and be able to root properly. So I might as well be the best flexible gypsy-princess I can.   
  The boys are big and wonderful and we all get along so darn well. We have talked about it. They hope for the best outcome. There are several good options for mobilized unit living in our vacation destination coast town. And lots of beautiful places to ramble to daily if needed. If I had the means I would buy a very good Pacific Yurt and a bit o' land and we would live lightly and very happily. (I have lived in yurts, teepees and tents before.) But till then, we will try the wheels under our feet. What a grand vision I have of a real kind of freedom in shelter! It is a good thing. I am grateful for all my blessings every day. Maybe an angel will bring us an RV to call home. Please

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