May 17, 2012

Sunshine and Lollipops, Rainbows Everywhere

unfathomable gifts

Wowzie wow!
 The boys and I are going to rent a big house with a big yard and tall trees, great views and full laundry and 2.5 bathrooms and garage/parking and 3 bedrooms with a Great price and wonderful landlords! All in a quiet neighborhood with easy access to everything. We are soo ecstatic and keep pinching ourselves. I guess I will not be looking for the escaping RV-ing gypsy princess route after all. (But will still want to get one for many reasons.)
My Sagittarius horoscope said there was incredible happenings this month but I didn't think it was me that it would actually happen too. And the boys. They are the best ever and deserve and good place where we can hopefully settle for a good while. They never complain and are stoic, graceful, talented, accepting and über-cool. Love love love.
There will be room for my girls and grandkids to hang out/visit with their dogs and rabbit. And room to have friends over for dinner, etc. AND room for my books and art!! Oh my am I so grateful. The papers have been signed and we will be going to get boxes later and start the process. It has to happen in a 2 week time period so there is not much time to spare. I have moved all my life many times because I am an Army Brat with miles under my belt.
Does anyone else get lots of blog traffic from weird sites that are advertising-like names for products, etc.? I seem to be getting traffic from Russia in conjunction with these high stats and hope that it is honestly people visiting my blog and not hoodwinking of any kind. I know not to click on these sites just in case. Clues or info anyone?
The sun is shining and life seems to be proceeding well. I wish great luck and good fortune to all and my family too. lovu (^_^)

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