March 10, 2011

Fly Away

That is my mental state right now - fly away, as in gone.
Too many things to worry about and I don't really feel like worrying any more.
It gets old.
But if I don't worry then no one else will and then the worrisome things will get in the unguarded cracks. It feels like that.
Yesterday let alot in thru the cracks. Snafu's came rolling in like the crazy typhoon winds and howling rain we are having right this minute. (And yes, drips are dripping in thru the roof too. The 60 mph south wind drives the rain under the shingles.)
Just one thing after another went wrong (people, meetings, cars, computer, money and more) and I was laughing it off all day and sort of looking at it in a detached way. Being very witty and glib. But now it is after midnight and I am tired and reality looks alittle different this time of day.
So if I had a glass of wine I could toast to the unforseeables I am unprepared for, because they undoubtedly will come any ole time.
I was a girl scout and the motto is be prepared. but are we ever really? Maybe it is my optimism. Optimism can be like a fancy hat, if you accidentally sit on it it gets crushed. My hat got sat on.  I feel crushed.
I am a survivor though. By morning I will face the new day smiling. And my fancy hat may be a bit askew, but I'm gonna wear it anyway...

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