March 11, 2011


We are all okay here. The tsunami warning sirens started at 5:30 am. We were safe at our house so we did not go to higher ground. We are a quarter block from the beach but near the longest and steepest beach access stairs. So we are up about 50 feet from beach.
I stayed up all night watching the news and am praying for Japan. I lived there for 3 years and love it very much.
Life here on the Oregon coast just got a little more interesting. I know if the earthquake is on our side of the Pacific we would have only 10-15 minutes warning. I never really forget that. The boys and I were ready within a few moments of first siren to hightail it out the door and up the nearest hill on foot. Some of our neighbors took off in their cars and returned later this morning. The waves are still not normal, but no damage in my part of town. Information still coming in from all sources.
I almost posted this photo with the title 'ripple' yesterday before the earthquake hit.

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