March 15, 2011

Like A Season

In spring, the land is littered,
as if winter had been, perhaps,
only the wash of a large wave,
now receded, now leaving
only our autumnal remains.
A walk past the brackish waters
at the edges of the river,
itself, a passion of movement.
A gull-shriek, high,
the peace punctured,
and I begin to wonder -
is even inland a harbor
under a great swell of ocean,
and is love, like a season,
only as long as a wave?
~ Lillian Baker Kennedy

1 comment:

Petrus Spronk said...

thank you for your kind and encouraging message on my slow-looking blog. I am grateful for all I receive. your own imagery is wonderful, especially the face of the Japanese, what I think, Geisha girl. it haunts me, especially in relation to the nightmare event they are experiencing. AutumnSmile, Petrus

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